Clinical Training


For clinical training of nursing students, our college is attached with Rajendra Hospital, Patiala & Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala. Rajendra Hospital, Patiala is one of the oldest and premier institute of Medical studies in Northern India. It has about 1000 beds and has facility to provide training in all subjects, Rajindra Hospital has following departments: -


• Department of Surgery

• Department of Medicine

• Department of Ophthalmology

• Department of ENT.

• Department of OBG & Gyn.

• Department of Cardiology

• Department of Gastroenterology

• Department of Nephrology

• Department of Oncology

• Department of Paediatric

• Department of Urology

• Department of Plastic surgery

• Department of Endocrinology

• Department of Skin & V.D Students go to all the departments as per their teaching schedule.


Adarsh College has MOU signed with the management of Columbia Asia Hospital Patiala for the clinical training of its students. Columbia Asia Hospital is one of the most advanced Hospitals with latest equipments and labs. It has CT Scans Digital X-Ray Machines Ultrasound machine, MRI, Computerized Labs ICCU, ICU. Students also go to MATA KAUSALAYA HOSPITAL for OBG & GYN Training.


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