Mess Rules

All the students are required to comply with following college Rules & Regulation:


1. One month advance payment will be made by each hosteller as security to the license, which will be refundable at the time of leaving the institute when "No Dues" will be made.


2. Mess will be common for all hostellers under the control of the warden.


3. Mess is compulsory for all hostellers.


4. Cooking is not allowed in hostel rooms.


5. All the meals should be taken in dining Hall at proper timing.


6. Room service of food is not allowed. No one is allowed to take any mess utensils outside the dining hall or to take meals in her own utensils.


7. While coming to mess, hostellers must be properly dressed up. No night suits and open hairs are allowed in the mess.


8. Food will be served from the serving counter. No one is allowed to come inside the kitchen area.


9. Wastage of mess food is not allowed.


10. Students are not allowed to create any kind of indiscipline in mess.


11. Hostellers are required to pay mess charges to the warden by the 7th of every month. In case of default Rs. 10/- per day shall be charged as late fee.




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