Rules for Students


All the students are required to comply with the college Rules & Regulation


• Regular and punctual attendance in all class activities like lectures, demonstrations, practicals, clinical teaching, tutorials, tests etc. as well as in all college activities like clinical meetings, conferences, guest lectures, seminars is compulsory. We encourage our students to participate in sports, cultural activities etc.


• As per Indian council, New Delhi regulations, no student shall be allowed to appear in the annual examination of the concerned subject if his/her attendance falls short of 75% of the total theory teaching in a subject. Similarly in practical, Hospital posting and bedside clinical areas etc. the attendance should not fall short of 90% of the total sessions. Students whose conduct and academic standards are not considered satisfactory, shall not be allowed to appear on the University Examination.


• Attendance at the college examinations and marks obtained in these will be taken into consideration in making the internal/ academic assessment.


• All fees should be cleared before filling the examination form.


• Leave of absence from the classes must be taken from the respective teachers.


• Illness and minor ailments must be reported to the Warden or class teacher as early as possible.


• Ragging of the first year students, particularly when they are admitted a fresh to the college is illegal and completely forbidden. It is punishable with fine, rustication or even expulsion from the college and also with prosecution. Ragging is defined amongst others, as "Display of disorderly conduct, anyone causing physical or psychological harm or causing apprehension of fear or shame or embarrassment". The definition also includes "Teasing, abusing, threatening, and playing practical jokes of asking a student to perform something the student, in the ordinary course would not do". It further includes causing injury, degrading and humiliating a fellow student and causing distress of mind of spirit.


• Students are not allowed to paste notices within the institutions without prior written permission from the office of the principal. They are also forbidden to communicate with any outside authority directly. All such communications must be submitted through the office of the Principal. Any student infringing this rule is liable to be suspended.


• Students must pay for all; damages caused by them to books and other college & Hospital property.


• Students are required to wear full uniform during duty time. Jewellery, ear rings are not allowed with uniform nor are painted fingernails. Students must wear white coats in college laboratories.


• The college does not hold itself responsible for debts incurred by the students.


• The student is allowed to stay out with prior permission from the Principal & Hostel Warden.




• All irregularities, neglect of duties, breach of rules and indiscipline are to be brought to the notice of the principal. In consolation with the management, senior staff members and administrative staff shall deal with any serious offence, for which an adverse entry in the student’s personal file/ record register may be made and penalty imposed. Penalty could be either written or a verbal warning, fine, suspension from the college. The principal is competent to remit the penalty imposed by her.


• In case of any dispute, the decision of Adarsh College of Nursing, Patiala governing Board will be final.





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