Rajindra Hospital, Patiala

Famous Rajindra hospital was built in 1954. It is linked with The Government Medical College. Rajindra Hospital is a major hospital in Punjab. Hospital offers so many services to patients. It has a specialized staff for Surgery, Ultrasonography, Obstetrics, Radiotherapy and Plastic Surgery. Rajindra Hospital has the capacity of 1300 beds. The hospital is fully furnished. It has latest equipments and devices which helps in better treatment of the patients. An advanced trauma center is under construction with the area of 80,000 sq ft (7,400 m2) . It will provide the facility of 100 beds and will offer so many services like Orthopedics, General Surgery, Burns/plastic surgery, Rehab. Unit, Neurosurgery, ICU, Lab. facility (MRI, Radiology imaging / CT scan/ clinical path, ultrasound, and biochemistry labs). This hospital is just 10 KM away from our college and our bus is takes the students for clinical training throughout the year. Our teachers go along with the students to teach them the art of nursing and various procedures required for the well being of the patients.

Mata Kaushalaya Hospital

Mata Kaushalaya Devi Hospital which was formed in 1890 as a Lady Dufferin Hospital provides support to Rajindra Hospital. Mata Kaushalya Hospital, Patiyala is operating from the Sheran Wala Gate in Patiala. This is a leading maternity hospital of Punjab where about 20 deliveries takes place daily. So our students do Obstetrical and Gyanecological training in this hospital and also do night duties to learn.

Columbia Asia Hospital

Our college has MOU signed with Columbia Asia Hospital for he clinical training of he students .his one of he most advanced modern hospital. For those students who want to go abroad they can have experience of this type of hospital which they will get while working in abroad. Columbia Asia Hospital is a multispecialty health care facility accredited by NABH, situated in heart of the city. It opened in 2009 and is one of the best hospitals in Punjab. With 100 beds manned by highly qualified medical faculty and supported by international quality infrastructure, it provides the best possible care for a wide range of medical and surgical specialties like, Cardiology, Critical Care medicine, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, nephrology, neurology etc.

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